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   We love zombies in Tucson. Very much. I recently heard about a new thing they have going on at "The Slaughterhouse", which is an "extreme haunted house" type attraction inside what used to be an old meat packing plant. Sounds appropriate, doesn't it? The old Farmer John's meat packing plant shut down in 2001 (opened in 1952 I think), and has been a bit of a Tucson landmark because of the old west themed murals painted on the building and surrounding walls. The building sat abandoned and disused for a time, until it was purchased as the perfect place to make a zombie-themed haunted house type attraction. It really is a great place for it, given it's previous use. Plus, for a long time, "actual" paranormal activity has been known to occur in the building/area. So that adds to the creep factor of the place, and it was plenty creepy before it was "The Slaughterhouse". A lot of the proceeds from "The Slaughterhouse" go to local schools and charities, so you can get your zombie on for a good cause.

  So now they have "Apocalypse: A Zombie Kill Experience". It's still new, and it sounds like there are some kinks to work out and improvements to make, but it sounds like a hell of a good time.

Gimme a zombie killin' laser gun, I'm in!

Oh, and I can't forget Tucson's annual "Zombie Walk", which takes place every October and benefits the local food bank. I totally want to go this year.